Born under the clouds of World War Two, Bernborough (Emborough – Bern Maid, by Bernard) was the hero Australia needed as the threats of war gathered closer in the Pacific. Bred by Harry Winten in 1939 on the Darling Downs, it has been suggested that Bernborough may have been sired by Monash Valley, as both horses stood at the same stud and Bern Maid was served by both in 1938. Without bloodtyping or DNA testing, the Stud Book’s policy at the time was to apply the second service as the sire of the foal (with an ‘or’ note). Sadly, Winten died only four months after Bernborough’s birth and with Oakey suffering the ravages of a drought, the estate decided to sell all of Winten’s twenty five horses. Bern Maid, with Bernborough at foot, was sold to Jack Bach for 155 guineas (2017 A$14,162).  By comparison, in the Central Queensland Herald of October 1939, you could purchase a three piece upholstered lounge suite for £11/10 (2017 A$991).