Racing thrives on a true rags to riches story, and Sir Tristram is one of the greatest stories ever scripted. Long before Sir Patrick Hogan earnt his title, he began life in the horse breeding game as a farmer. After several years learning the ropes of the industry on the family farm, Fencourt Stud, Hogan had built up just enough to purchase his own property, Cambridge Stud, in 1975. Armed with a small debt and a syndicate of breeders, Hogan travelled across Europe to source the right horse to stand at Cambridge Stud. A fruitless search, with every horse he saw either too expensive or not quite suitable, Hogan came home, only to get a call from a bloodstock agent. Four year old colt Sir Tristram was on the market at the right price. The agent wasn’t keen, “he’s got a shocking hindquarter. He’s weak, he’s got bent hocks, and on the walk from behind one hock rolls out badly.” It would become the stuff legends are made of.